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Green Goddess SYH 292

This story starts back in 1977, when as a youthful, newly qualified driver, I got the news that the current Firemen's dispute was escalating and I would be going to Kendal in Cumbria to drive a 'Green Goddess' !!

First of all we had to go to Catterick for a crash course in firefighting (Probably looked more like an early Chaplin movie), after being kitted out with the latest trendy DP's, welly boots & sea boot socks it was back to Linton On Ouse to wait for the call, this didn't take long and we were off to sunny Kendal.

The stories of the following 9 weeks are too numerous to mention, and anyway this is about the Goddess not me !!

Contrary to the Myth, I thought the vehicle behaved well despite it's age, though as I recall we were still driving around in RL's back at Linton anyway so it was hardly an unfamiliar vehicle.

Just after Christmas 1977 the dispute was called off and we returned to Linton, at the time I didn't think I'd ever see the vehicle again.

As time passed I often looked at the pictures (Slides) I took and wondered what had become of it, when the Internet raised it's head I would stick the reg number in a search engine every now and then to see if anyone else had any recollections of her, but nothing was ever recorded. Then, almost thirty years later, I was sitting having breakfast one Saturday morning and typed in SYH 292, not really expecting there to be any result but to my surprise the number appeared !! It turned out that a number plate dealer was selling some of his stock on 'EBay', Jacqui said I should buy it for old times sake and put it on our Motorhome, I couldn't help thinking the reason for it's availability was that it had met with a scrap yard somewhere and the plate was salvaged, anyhow, after some discussion it was decided to get it, this we did and after a few weeks it took pride of place on our Motorhome.

I then started to wonder if there was some other reason the plate was available and started to make enquiries, one of which led to the Lincolnshire Fire Service, after a few calls I was given the number of the 'Operation Florian' coordinator (Sarah) who I contacted and made initial enquiries, they had 45 units at Scampton which were to be exported to Montenegro as part of the Op Florian scheme. It could not be ascertained if SYH 292 was amongst this consignment and I waited for some news.

On the Eve of moving out of our house I got an email from Sarah to say that SYH 292 was at Scampton, BUT, was going to be driven to Hull the following day, along with the others, for onward shipment to Montenegro. At this point I had only been looking for any information about the vehicle and had not considered buying it, after all we were 'downsizing' and we wouldn't have anywhere to put it. So whilst the removals company were busy I contacted The Yorkshire Air Museum to see what the possibility of 'showing' it there, the response was a resounding positive and by teatime I was booking into RAF Scampton, Sarah's husband Mike met us with the vehicle and I took it for a short drive round camp, it drove as smooth as a nut and it didn't take me long to part with some of the profit we'd just made that morning. The following weekend Jacqui and I drove down to Lincoln (Armed with some serious petrol money) and drove it up to The Yorkshire Air Museum.

Whilst she appears mechanically sound and has an extensive compliment of equipment I intend to perform some cosmetic surgery and revert the external markings to those of 1977. I would also like to put the original number plate back on for display purposes only whilst at the Museum, it is currently registered as 340 UXT.

Some of you reading this may think my money could have been put to a better use, but I'm happy to have been able to secure a part of our heritage that would otherwise have been lost.

Update: 19/11/10

"BBC Radio York's Adam Tomlinson took on his biggest challenge to help raise funds for this year's BBC Children in Need appeal.

Donning the guise of Jules Verne's hero, Phileas Fogg, Adam traveled right around North Yorkshire.

Adam didn't cross the county in '80 days', instead heradioyorkcin.jpg (64693 bytes) traveled in '80 ways', covering a distance of 400 miles in just five days raising nearly 5,000 for Children in Need.

From ice cream vans to skateboards, no method of transport was ruled out as Adam raced to reach that magic number of 80 by Children in Need day, Friday November 19th" >>> read more

We were privileged to be the last vehicle on his journey and after a short 'live' interview took him from the Railway Museum to Museum Gardens where the T.V. cameras were waiting.

Update: 04/09/10

firstshow.jpg (108906 bytes)She has now had the lockers, cab and exterior painted, re-roofed and a new set of decals. On Saturday 4th Sept 2010 we took her to the Help for Heroes charity day at Sherburn Aero Club.
The day went very well and raised quite a bit for this worthwhile cause.

Update: 21/01/08

YAM pumping out4.jpg (105204 bytes)After some persistent rain over the weekend the Yorkshire Air Museum  called me one Monday morning to ask if I could assist in pumping out flood water which was lapping at the doors of the Museum's office block. A previous year had seen the offices unexpectedly flooded by a similar downpour.

YAM pumping out press clip.jpg (163501 bytes) Once I arrived on site the pump was positioned outside the offices and 4 lengths of suction hose were assembled and lowered into the open manhole. I had been meaning to give the pump a run so this was a good opportunity. We pumped for the best part of the day whilst the rain kept pouring down and I'm happy to say the offices remained dry.

Update: 02/11/06

After a long wait I have now got the original number plates, thankfully when the '340 UXT' plates were put on, the original 'SYH 292' plates were not totally scrapped and I have now acquired these and put them back on the vehicle at the Museum.

plates on2.jpg (222328 bytes)

plates on.jpg (313888 bytes)

Update: 15/09/06

westmorland.jpg (225424 bytes)
'Cutting' from the Westmorland Gazette

SYH 292 in 1977

Some of these pictures are already on this site but I have included them here as well to complement the article, please excuse the quality of these as they were taken from slides...................................


gg2.jpg (23083 bytes)

gg1.jpg (19454 bytes)

gg3.jpg (25519 bytes)

gg4.jpg (24067 bytes)

gg5.jpg (21185 bytes)

gg6.jpg (20809 bytes)

gg7.jpg (26611 bytes)

gg9.jpg (61712 bytes)

gg8.jpg (51786 bytes)

SYH 292 As she arrived at the YAM





frtr.jpg (62182 bytes)

right.jpg (82354 bytes)

rearr.jpg (103754 bytes)

rh4.jpg (91859 bytes)

rh3.jpg (87050 bytes)

rh2.jpg (91479 bytes)

fuelcap.jpg (87154 bytes)

rhhose.jpg (91691 bytes)

rh1.jpg (85431 bytes)


rearl.jpg (88600 bytes)

left.jpg (70585 bytes)

frtl.jpg (75633 bytes)

lh1.jpg (140276 bytes)

lh2.jpg (33490 bytes)

lhhose.jpg (96510 bytes)

lh3.jpg (107231 bytes)

lh4.jpg (86494 bytes)

lh5.jpg (109295 bytes)



frt.jpg (82144 bytes)

nose.jpg (139154 bytes)

rad.jpg (128947 bytes)



rear.jpg (83687 bytes)

backl.jpg (124982 bytes)

backhigh.jpg (88025 bytes)

backr.jpg (82202 bytes)

backlow.jpg (134108 bytes)


rooffrt.jpg (112723 bytes)

roofrear.jpg (137128 bytes)

psi2.jpg (129626 bytes)

psi.jpg (139019 bytes)

throttle.jpg (95089 bytes)

rpm.jpg (124460 bytes)


searchlight.jpg (98230 bytes)


pax.jpg (101888 bytes) driver.jpg (109355 bytes) engine.jpg (92872 bytes)


plaxtons.jpg (78577 bytes)

swtchbox.jpg (162057 bytes)


crewright.jpg (152356 bytes)


crewleft.jpg (148996 bytes)


clock2.jpg (100684 bytes) clock1.jpg (124789 bytes) pto2.jpg (57468 bytes)


Bedford Self Propelled Pump
(Green Goddess)



Bedford RLHZ 4x4



Bedford 6 Cylinder 4927cc Petrol



8165 kg (Max Gross)

Top Speed:


50 MPH

Fuel Consumption:


6 - 8 MPG

Water Tank:


First Aid tank of up to 300 gallons of water as an alternative to supply from a hydrant

Main Pump:


Sigmund FN4 centrifugal pump capable of feeding four hose lines with 900 gallons per minute

Portable Pump:


Coventry Climax 300 gallons per minute

Hose Capacity:


1,600ft of two and three-quarter inch rubber lined canvas delivery hose



35ft Extending Aluminium




syh292.jpg (81905 bytes)

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