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Here's a selection of my MT snaps.......................

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Must have been a boring stint on Duty Driver at Linton on Ouse

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Fire Fighting
Kendal 1977

MK and drag, taking 523'd
vehicles to Ruddington.

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billandbrian.jpg (17545 bytes)

Snow clearing at Church Fenton

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harrierrefuel.jpg (15856 bytes)

tpool79.jpg (18118 bytes)

Bill Cundall at a
Church Fenton Air Show

Harrier refuel
at Church Fenton

Tanker Pool
Church Fenton

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Greenham Common 1983

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Tactical Fighter Meet, Waddington 1986

s25s26.jpg (8816 bytes)

Scammell S26 & Crusader 
Part of Staxton Wold's Mobile Radar Unit

Merc at Polestar Leeds.jpg (97906 bytes)

A little more up to date.......
driving a Merc Actross for a local Company

SL271721.JPG (60659 bytes)

SL271950.JPG (65757 bytes)

A couple of pictures taken at Kabul International Airport, Afghanistan (KAIA)
whilst in support of ISAF July - August 2009

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