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E-Mail us your photos, of either yourself or friends,
and we'll post them on this page and see if they jog any memories.

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Douglas Gowans sent in this group of pictures from his Balloon Squadron days. 1988 - 1990. Number 1 Crew.

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Jackie Weavill sent in these pictures of her late Father WO Percy Parker.


Percy Parker MT Group Photo.jpg (273312 bytes)


Percy Parker 3.jpg (325923 bytes)


Percy Parker 2.jpg (325681 bytes)


Percy Parker Old pictures.jpg (298674 bytes)


Percy Parker Farewell.jpg (332156 bytes) Percy Parker Birthday Photo.jpg (285638 bytes) Percy Parker MT Photo.jpg (283634 bytes) Somewhere hot (2).jpg (250301 bytes)

John Muir - Driver Training Squadron, Did my 'lights' with Cpl Tim Povey in '78 then back later that year for HGV 3. Posted in as a DI in Nov '88 till beginning of '91 when I was posted along with 14 others to RAF Newton to open the RAF Police driving school.


Driver Training Squadron.jpg (150928 bytes)

RAF Police Driving School.jpg (62480 bytes)

Wildenrath MT May 1985.

Wildenrath MT May 1985.jpg (84060 bytes)

John Shucksmith - Dave (Paddy) Rankin - Bill Young and me, in uniform.

Taken at RAF Changi sometime between 68/71. I think John Reavy took the picture?

Fred Hughes

singapore.jpg (133815 bytes)

Ronald Bretherton sent in this nice collection of his Father's, sadly, Ron is no longer with us, Please click here for RIP Section


RB0.jpg (39812 bytes)


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RB01.jpg (59386 bytes) RB09.jpg (63792 bytes) RB07.jpg (34054 bytes) RB09b.jpg (78149 bytes) RB06.jpg (53620 bytes)

Reg Dobson added a couple more, this time from RAF Gan.

reg_gan1.jpg (66883 bytes) reg_gan2.jpg (86478 bytes)

RAF Gan MT personnel 1974

Reg Dobson added some more pictures from his collection.



reg23.jpg (406699 bytes)

Relaxing after offloading at Lunenburg Heath,
bit of PANIC tanning !!.
From the left, Eddy Cooper, Chris Burford,
Russ Jones, Bob Roby, ?, Pete James,
Dave Battle, ?, John Masser


reg01.jpg (56013 bytes)


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reg03.jpg (51091 bytes)


reg07.jpg (87470 bytes)


reg05.jpg (48083 bytes)


reg04.jpg (33792 bytes) reg06.jpg (41674 bytes)

Reg Dobson sent these 2MT pictures taken in the early 80's.


2MT official photo.jpg (80805 bytes)
Back Row L to R - F Hughes, D Battle, Frank Baines,
F McCue, ?, F Slavin, J Kennedy, J Allen, R Webb,
T Green, G Cooper, C Burford, D Donovan,
T George, P James RIP,
Front Row L to R - ?, D Pasquill, Myself, WO J Hallett, S/Ldr Thomas Station CO,
F/Sgt Creamer, B Coppin, G Deeley, T Harvey.
2MT photo.jpg (107180 bytes)