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Restoration Projects

Latest purchase today, 1971 Ex RAF Mountain Rescue Ambulance, recently refurbished with Tdi engine and 5 speed box, good running order, needs putting back to military markings and rear fitting out when I get the time.

Any information on this vehicle would be gratefully appreciated.

Mark Laidler

Ex RAF mountain Rescue ambulance.jpg (96672 bytes)

Does anyone have any information about this historic truck from 2MT? Tech docs or know where we could still get parts?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Steven Hellier

2mt_s_type.jpg (57541 bytes)

57 AN 00 in better days

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Hi Ian

I've been meaning to dig these out for a while and then seeing the 71MU reunion prompted me to get on with it.

These pictures were taken at the Great Dorset Steam Fair 2004, its the old Recovery Scammell from 71MU at Bicester. The vehicle had been saved from scrap and was in the process of restoration. The owner allowed me to drive the vehicle around the field, only difference is it now has a diesel instead of petrol engine. I have not seen it since and don't know if its still around, I have seen some pictures on a website and if it is the same one it's not in such good condition now, but as I say I'm not sure about that. If anyone else has seen it since let me know, it would be nice to think it's still being looked after.

Many Thanks

Kevin Spicer


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Dear Ian

I wonder if any member would have information? I am rebuilding a 1966 11a 88" Land Rover RAF Reg 90 AA 72 (Helicopter Starter). She is still 24 volt with a 40 amp generator and oil cooler out front. Delivered to Feltham on 27th July 1966, transferred to Transport C in August and then Upavon September 1975. (I know it was sold to Andy's Landy's in Coventry and my uncle bought it from them).

Hendon has given me a lot of help, they had the Regulations AP 4545 volume 2 vehicle marking and the book 'Wheels of the RAF' and were most helpful. The number is 90 AA 72 and the code 1618 2757 though 1620 2757 was originally on the record card then altered. The supply contract was WV/4843/AC.12a1 supplied 27th July 1966. First issued into use 16th August 1966.

Rebuild progresses. The main body panels are yet to be painted though.

DSC02270.JPG (64079 bytes)

DSC02272.JPG (75640 bytes)

I think there was originally a 5" roundel on the nearside front wing and a number on the off side front. As I was paint stripping the paint layers, I found two different Union Flags and roundels on the wings, I think they were for the NATO part of the history. If any one has any recollections or knowledge of a similar Land Rover it will help me to get her back as she might have been and preserved for the future.

I am pleased to see ' Help4Heroes' getting support.

Thanks very much.

Best Regards.

John Hibberd

Can you help identify this Crew Bus?


I found your website after trawling the net looking for ex UK Forces Bedford air Crew Buses. The reason is that we have acquired what appears to be an ex RAF (sorry or possibly an ex RN) as per attached. It has two rather unusual features in that it has a 3 windowed rear the centre one of which is on the emergency exit door and that the drivers compartment is separated from the passengers. No idea of number of seats as it is gutted but suspect 10 or 14 ). It is a Bedford A Type so presumably an A2LZ or A3LZ - double rear wheels and alloy body. 6 Cyl. Petrol engine and no plates of any kind on it manufacturers or coach builders. Probably ex RAF Luqa or RAF or RNAS Hal Far - possibly ex RAF Takali but unlikely.

Needs a bit of care and attention which we will give it but need some more info hopefully a photo of a similar one in service.

Kind regards

Peter Skerry
Malta Historic Vehicle Trust


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I think you have found a hybrid here, it is always a possibility that it was used by British Forces in the area but I have never seen one in Service with that style of body. If it is military I would suggest it is either a base modification for more than 10 seats or a local built body, the attached data shows a typical Bedford A3LZ 10 seater with a much shorter body.

Les Freathy


rest018.jpg (136060 bytes) rest017.jpg (88029 bytes)

Update 07.05.06 After a bizarre twist of fate I have now bought SYH 292 (The Green Goddess that I drove in the 1977 Fireman's dispute) - Full details here

I received an email from Phillip Rhodes (Driffield Aerodrome History) telling me he'd stumbled across a Queen Mary trailer rather worse for wear at former RAF Wickenby, now Wickenby Airport in North Lincolnshire. He wondered if anyone would be interested in securing it for restoration.

As Wickenby isn't a million miles away we travelled down to take some pictures and ascertain if it was for sale. 

The trailer has clearly been abandoned for some time and would need some major work, it has a body fitted to it, as the pictures depict it has that 'radio room green' interior and some sort of sliding, supported roof, there is also a little cabin right at the front and the tyres appear to be anti-fod which may suggest that the trailer was just used locally on the airfield. There also appears to be some sort of universal joint above the fifth wheel kingpin, this may have been the norm (Bit before my time) but might suggest the trailer and body had been modified for some particular task, my guess is it's some kind of mobile airfield radar unit, can anyone shed any light on this?

I made enquiries about it's availability and it appears that a donation to their current building fund would be a worthy exchange. 

Anyone that is interested in the trailer can contact me for further details.

Daz Webster adds.....................

Hi Ian,

I regularly go too Wickenby to collect freight and have seen said trailer, after the war Wickenby was used for the decommissioning of munitions, maybe the trailer was towed out onto the airfield as some sort of workshop or control room when exploding spent bombs. 
Next time I'm up there I'll have a look around as up in the control tower there is a bit of a museum maybe you could get some contact details of servicemen that served there in the 50's before its final closure.

Update: I was at Wickenby again yesterday and had a good look round the trailer, that coupling looks like it was a mod, 2MT have the same trailer and there is also one at Eden camp near Malton and they both have normal 5th wheel couplings, it may be it was put on the back of a pick-up as there is a flat plate with 4 bolts which look like they where mounted on the bottom.
There is also a lot of bomb racks in the trailer, which fits in with the last duty's of the station before it's demise.

Geof Cope adds ..................

Dear Ian

Having had a good look at the coupling on the Queen Mary that hopefully will be restored, I can confirm that it is the normal coupling that was used when they were towed by Bedford and Crossley tractors. The base plate slid up the ramp between two forked arms and then was locked on by screwing a bar across behind it. I once dropped one because I forgot to lock it on, being in a hurry!

Ken Critchley adds.................


Re RAF Wickenby. I was stationed there 1950. we used to transport bombs from Faldingworth and Caister where they were stored and returned to Wickenby then they where examined. I remember one rolling of the bomb tender I was driving, I must have broke the four minute mile when I ran, of course it never went off. Eventually Wickenby moved to 12 group RAF Newton. I remember driving the liberty truck Bedford QL troop carrier to Lincoln. on the way back just after going over Langworthy railway crossing I hit a bl-----y big pig which got out of its sty. The SWO man who was up front with me had the lads trying to find the owner, no fun around midnight, half the lads had a skin full. Happy Days 

One never knows someone may remember.


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Updated 16/09/13

The Airfield owners have now decided to remove the trailer and are looking for a good home.

It was dragged out of the undergrowth, but the front drawbar broke away, they have kept all the parts. As you can imagine it's in a poor state and will require extensive restoration. The local scrap dealer wanted to cut it up and take the steel, so this could be the last chance for it. The airfield owners want it removed, but would really like it saved by someone.

Any enquiries should be directed to Phil at, alternatively contact me and I will pass on the message.

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Hi Ian

Stumbled across your site today, my interest is in RAF MT, although not an MTD I was an aircraft "Techy" and have now got an interest in MT so much so that I own a TACR1 fire tender and a Commer Karrier airfield control truck  (Ice cream van). The TACR1 is fully working and can be seen this weekend 5 Nov 05  at the classic car show NEC Birmingham, along with a TACR2, Series 111 Ambulance and other Ex RAF vehicles.

The Karrier runs but the cab is bodge tape and filler, I have managed to obtain a replacement cab and hope to have the vehicle roadworthy eventually, I use it in Norfolk at a local airfield to do the Air/Ground comms and the back end is fully equipped.

I happily remember the MT bus service from Binbrook to Manby in the 70's being driven by a smallish WRAF with the windows all steamed the only view outside being a hole the size of a postage stamp in the drivers window where she had a bit of forward vision, 31 stunned airmen sat in silence throughout the whole of the journey until we reached Manby !


Mike Poynton

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rest006.jpg (226762 bytes)


I am restoring a 1952 RAF Pickup, and am wondering if any of your members have any photos of such vehicles from the 1950's.  I know the RAF had vast numbers of Standard Vanguards.

I would be pleased to have photos of any types.


rest005.jpg (197758 bytes)

Updated: 12/08/09

Hi there Ian,

I have just discovered 'RAFMTD' and saw your request for pictures of Vanguard Pickups. I have one only, taken in Gibraltar in 1952/3.

If anyone who reads this, I would be pleased to receive any pictures of OB Bedford type coaches - 1940s or 1950s and one and a half decker Commer coach.

Both of which I drove while stationed at R.A.F. Bicester in 1954.

Roy Stenning

rest019.jpg (70059 bytes)

Hi Ian & Bill,

Please see attached picture of an Ex RAF four tonner with Atlas Crane which I have preserved.  I think the Vehicle (23 KF 03) is from RAF Benson. I show it at vehicle rallies in the North East/North Yorkshire. Does anyone know any of the vehicles history?

There seem to be  very few vehicles on the rally circuit representing the RAF (loads of army though). So I'm quite proud of it.

I was at RAF Leeming and St.Athan from 1987 to 1995.  Best wishes to all...


rest004.jpg (37637 bytes)

Can You Help ?

Hi Gents

I bumped into your site (vintage section) whilst searching for info on an old Dodge I'm slowly fettling up. Its a crew bus dating to 1940/41 and I'm looking everywhere for photos of such a beast in action - someone somewhere must have pics of such a vehicle in use on airfields surely???? if you could mention it on your site somewhere it'd be much appreciated. Rather than clog up your inbox with pics, you can see the beastie on this site:

I'm also keen to understand if they were used overseas, or just in the UK? some were converted c1944 as mobile instructional classrooms I believe. If you could put out a plea to your sites visitors that'd be great.

Thanks in advance
Rick Jones



Found your site and was very pleased to find some pics of Sentinels in your Vintage MT section. I am a Trustee of the Britannia Aircraft Preservation Trust based at Kemble airfield near Swindon. We look after a collection of Bristol Britannia airliners including ex RAFTC XM496 and were donated a couple of years ago a Douglas Tugmaster to help with moving said aircraft. This vehicle turned out, on closer inspection, to have been manufactured by Sentinel of Shrewsbury **. I am trying to firstly, get as much information on the vehicle as possible (including colour or B/W photos plus handbooks and manuals) and secondly, find a few helpful enthusiasts that could assist me in bringing her back to (full) life. She does run but I would like to get the winch and the winching spades working, overhaul the 112v GPU engine and give her a bit of a general overdue service and some TLC 

I would be most grateful if you could put a request on the site especially in the Vintage MT section. You can contact me at and if you want to see what we are about our website is (This is shortly to be overhauled and a page about the Tug added)

If anyone has a copy of AP4566A Vol 1 & 6 sitting gathering dust in there attic. I was sent copies of some pages from a museum and a copy of the whole AP would make interesting. I know you said your guys are drivers not mechanics but worth a try.

Many thanks,

Steve Lewis
Trustee BAPT

** This vehicle has now been acquired by see here

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Hi Guys,

Great website.....

Allow me to introduce myself, I am an ex RAF Aircraft Electrician, started out as an LAC and reached the dizzy heights of Jnr Tech (not much to show for over eight years).  I spent most of my time at RAF Leeming  & my last months at St. Athan on Tornado 'majors' before getting out in 1995 and settling back in the North East.  What's this got to do with MT I hear you ask?

I always got on well with the MT lads out on the Flightline,and often thought I should have been an MT driver (maybe in the next life eh?)
Well I have recently bought an 1987 Bedford MJ 4 tonner with an Atlas 3 Tonne Hydraulic loader.  The reg was 23 KF 03.  The aim behind this purchase is to display the vehicle at shows & rallies.

I think this may have been an ex RAF Benson wagon as there was some papers left in the cab with Benson MT marked on them.  I have attached a picture of a similar truck to mine below (this is not my truck, or picture - it is one I found on the web).
The truck is painted in gloss green paint, (as most of our RAF  MT vehicles seemed to be) except later Landrover's.  My section at Leeming had a great little Lightweight Landrover finished in this gloss colour also, as opposed to the 'army style' matt green.
I am trying to locate some of this Gloss Green Paint to respray the engine access panels behind the doors, but can't find it anywhere, does anyone know where I can get some? (legally of course).  If I was still in the RAF I'm sure the painter & finishers could 'find' some spare but unfortunately I'm out now and I'm running out of ideas where to look next.  I've tried searching the web and NATO Green MATT seems to be more common than the 'RAF GLOSS'.

Can anyone help?


Dave Richardson

(I'll forward on some pictures for your site when I get a chance - I'm at work now and don't have them on my computer)


I hope, someone of you can help me.

Last year I bought an old camper which has been out of duty for about 16 years.

It is a Bedford school bus, built in 1967 and used by the RAF until 1973 in Germany, probably by the BAOR.

The bus looks like a nightmare. I have started restoring the bus but I need desperately pictures of this bus during his period as a military vehicle. You can see pictures of this bus on my website:

Its original license-number was 38AC83.

Any information about this bus is welcome


I am restoring a Bedford MST, that's the civil type, 2 ton 4 x2, with twin wheels rear, built 1949.
I know that this type of small truck was used by the RAF during WWII and short after. 

My problem is that I cannot find pictures of this type of truck in its original RAF colours

I hope that you can help me with a picture, or specification 
Best regards and thanks

Chris Balkenende 
De Wijzend 62 
1474PD Oosthuizen
The Netherlands 
tel. +31 20 3163350 
fax +31 20 3163355

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