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‘RAFMTD’ Reunion 2004

Bill and I would like to thank everyone who attended the
first MT drivers reunion on Saturday 22nd May
without you the event wouldn't have been such a huge success
A massive thanks also to the boys from 2MT who put on an impressive show

Please feel free to send in any comments and pictures.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the raffle
The Yorkshire Air Ambulance will benefit from your generosity


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Andy Arnolds First Report (A 'must' read !!)

Hi Lads

Whilst reading the many appreciative letters about the great job you did organising the reunion, I was shocked and stunned to see not one but TWO emails from Clapcott and Storer about me buying a drink.......this was a total defamation of character and I would like to prove to them that I did go to the bar on one or was it two occasions, please see photos provided and put on your website so I can sleep easily again. Hope they hang their heads in shame!!!

Thanks lads

Dod Frieslick

Tally HO boys, way to go.....

Super smashing, an out and out brill night. many thanks for organising such an excellent reunion. It was good to see some old faces and friends from what seems now, the good old days, the atmosphere was that of a good Friday night beer call.

The smiling faces, and people genuinely glad to see people they never thought they would meet again, was a joy to see, at the end of the night, the reluctance of people to go home having had such a fantastic time made it a more memorable evening, one never to be forgotten.

Keith Moore, (McScouser).....


Dear Ian & Bill

On behalf of Hilary and myself I would like to thank you both for a most enjoyable evening at the reunion last week. To see so many old friends of 30 years past - they hadn't change a bit!!.
I would also like to reiterate what everyone else has said, that you both did us justice in the organisation and implementation of it all. Also many thanks for 2 MT for a fine display.
As I said on the night, if more turn up (and I am sure they will when word gets out), you will be looking for a bigger venue! but the museum provided just the right background for the occasion and you would be hard put to find better!
Again we would like to thank both yourselves and your good ladies for the organisation of both this reunion and a perfect web site. As they say "A good time was had by all"!!


Hilary & Ian Williams

Bill, Ian

Just a quick line to thank you both for the excellent reunion at York. Quite amazing to see so many MTD's in one place without a single incident. I think the night was a huge success and all credit to the superb organisation - well done.
Let's do again in the not too distant future.

Kindest regards

Steve Ogborne

Hi Bill and Ian

What can I say that has not already been said my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and yes 2 MT did us proud I really look forward to the next one and hope the people that missed this one could make the next one. Perhaps we could take over a hotel with function room for the whole weekend (just an idea ).


Ched and Marion

Hi Ian & Bill

Firstly, well done for the creation of a website which brings all MTD's together, a lot of hard work very much appreciated.
Thanks for a great night, another good idea which came to fruition, wonderfully organised. Put us down for future reunions.


J R Seth

Hi Guy's,

Just thought I'd write to thank you for a great night on Saturday. It was good to see so many Old faces and for a sad old civvy, such as myself, it was good to see what my taxes are now being wasted on. I don't know what was more exciting, seeing an old Seddon or witnessing the extremely rare event of Dod 'Padlock on Wallet' Frieslick getting his hand in his pocket. It was also good to see so many former cross dressers back in Men's clothing, of course I'm talking about you 'Absess'. I even made it to York afterwards and in time honoured fashion nearly got embroiled in a fight at a Taxi rank , along with Love God Robert's and Mr McThrobbie.
Ah....Memories don't desert me, at least not until next year when I'll get a chance to redress the balance and actually get a drink out of Dod.

See Ya,

Tim Clapcott

Bill and Ian,

I made a point of thanking you on the night but wanted to thank you again for an excellent do and all the hard work you put in to make it possible. There were so many faces from the past I didn't manage to see everyone I wanted to, was Ian Maddocks there? (Yes) The most amazing thing was getting a drink out of Dod Frieslick but judging by the hangover I had I probably only imagined it.

Once again many thanks

Dave Storer

Hi Bill and Ian

Thanks for a good night we both enjoyed it and met quite a few people from yesteryear. It was a pity we had to leave so early but as my partner had only just come out of hospital she wasn't up to staying out late

All the best


Hi Ian.

Just want to add my well done's to you and Bill. I thought your idea for a web site for Mtd,s was spot on but you have passed that with the trip down memory lane. The ones who missed it will turn up next year I am sure. I bet it is the talk of many a crew room for a while. See you next year and I still will not wear a tie.


Bill Goodwin

Hi Guys,

Thanks for organising the do it was great to see some of my old mates again. Look forward to the next one. Just happened to notice that ticket 121 was a winner and I just happened to have kept it safe!
Take care

Pete Vincent (SAC retired ;-) )

Just a quick line to say a big thank you for all your hard work that you must have put in to arrange such an excellent night .
It was great to see all the old ! faces from Coningsby and Germany Put me down for next year !

Chris Parr

An EXCELLENT night, can only reiterate what others have said. Well done.

Dod Frieslick

Hi Ian and Bill

Just to say a big thank you for a brilliant evening on Saturday. Andy and I had a fantastic time and it was great to see so many people I actually knew - I didn't think I would know that many being the wife!! Andy talked so much on the night that he was hoarse on the Sunday morning but unfortunately regained his voice far too quickly and never shut up all the way home!!! Can't wait for the next reunion, keep up the good work and thanks again.


Liz Bunston

Hi Ian and Bill,

What a fantastic night, seeing all the past lads again, the old 2MT boys who still haven't changed a bit.
Those who missed out should be hanging their keys in shame? you miss a very good drinking session.
And my god 200 MT Drivers and no fights that must have been some kind of record.

Well done see you next year.

Martin G Burrows

Hi guys,

Well what can I say? Thanks for a brilliant night. Great to see all those old friends and make new ones and get re-acquainted with those we had forgotten about!!! Thanks very much for all your hard work, not only in organising the reunion, but also in setting up and running this excellent web site.
I'm sure news about the do will travel fast and the next one will see even more old friends,

Thanks again

Andy Spalding

A special thanks to you both for a lot of hard work for a brilliant night at RAF Elvington.
Seeing so many faces from years ago really did bring back some wonderful memories, even my missus enjoyed it so it must have been good, long may it continue.


Neil Bradshaw.

Ian & Bill,

I have heard nothing but talk, of next year already.

Ian Aitkenhead

Well guys, you must be proud of yourselves and if you're not you should be! What an absolutely brilliant night - I couldn't stop smiling, seeing lots of people from the past and present - can't wait till next years!

Look forward to seeing more photos on the web site.
Once again, thanks a lot for organising the event,

Linda Hughes

Ian and Bill

What can I say, I've had to take the day off work!!!. It must have been a good night. To all who turned up thanks for making it such a good event. To Bill, Ian, and i have no doubt lots of other people, thank you.
Botting!! I'm never sleeping with you again, your meant to sign the cheque.

Again thanks for a good (this sounds as if i remember half of it!) night.

Michael Reeves

Hello Ian & Bill.

I'd just like to say thanks for taking the time and effort to organise an excellent night.
For those who didn't go, I'm sure they will hear about it from all those who did attend, and hopefully decide to go to the next one.


Ian / Bill

Thanks for last night, I had a wonderful time and couldn't believe how many turned up..... long for it to go forwards with many more reunions I firmly believe it will grow beyond all expectations.

Thanks once again for it all

Graham Paul Jones


Great time last night - well done to you, Bill and all! Met with drivers I hadn't seen for years (decades more like!). See you next year if you are up for it!

All the best!

John Manson

Hi Ian & Bill,

Well what can I say, thank you and all who arranged the first ever MT re union on Sat 22 5 04 what an excellent night was had by all I suspect. I know I enjoyed it, it's one thing keep in touch by mail, but actually getting together with old friends you can't beat it cheers and can't wait till the next one brilliant can't thank you enough.


Hello Bill & Ian,

A wonderful re-union, and great to see the people that I once served with, and of course, those that I did not.

A really well organised get together, and my grateful thanks to those involved, who put in so much work, for everyone's enjoyment.

Many thanks again for the do

Take care of yourselves

Andy Hayes