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'RAFMTD' Reunion 2005

Jacqui and I would like to thank everyone who attended the MT drivers reunion on Saturday 4th June. Without you, the event wouldn't have been such a success

A special thankyou to our Son Richard, for helping out all evening.


Please feel free to send in any comments
 and pictures for this page.


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Hi Ian and the team

Many thanks to you and all who helped to organise another great event yet again it was great to see some long forgotten faces from over the years.
What's needed now is for everyone else to spread the word to anyone that is known to them who is either a current or ex MTD and get them to come along
hopefully next year. The choice of venue is excellent and lends itself ideally to this kind of event, long may it continue.

Many thanks once again

Kind regards

Paul Mason


May I congratulate you yet again for the success of the MT Reunion. I fully appreciate that the amount of organising by you and your family must have been immense?

Mally Roberts

Hi Ian,

Once again thanks for organising a great evening, it was nice to see so many faces from past postings. Hope the next one will be as good, here are some snaps of the evening

Andy fitches

Hi Ian
Well done for another great evening. Nice to see old mates from years gone by. Where were you Chris Gardner? Looking forward to the next one.
Best wishes 

Phil Ives & Fiona Cordingley

Hi Ian

Thanks for a great evening I think I told you that on the night while staggering out the door clutching my bottle of Whisky. Its a date for next year and I'll spread the word might need a bigger venue, when's Wembley finished? Keep up the good work

Jayne Webster

Hi Ian,

Thanks to you and the family for yet another great night. Appreciate all the hard work you put in to organize the night. 
Hope to see you at the next one.

Billy Goodwin

What a blast. Thank you for organising a truly memorable evening. It was fantastic to see so many mates from the past and renew old friendships. Hopefully the reunion will go from strength to strength as word spreads and more old chums appear. So till next year Scott and Liz (love you both), Joe, Paul, John, Gordon, Tom, Lynne, Kenny, Bob and all the new friends we made that night, Keep the shiny side up 

Best regards 

Alan and Pia Coleman

Just received a mail from 2MT explaining that our date unfortunately clashed with the Sqn's 65th Anniversary, also RAF Stafford had an open day which tied up their display vehicles. A leave ban was also in place which would have restricted the number of guests to the Reunion.
Hopefully next year we will be able to get back on track and enjoy 2MT's company.


Hi Ian, 

What a great night, I missed last year but can assure you that Liz and I will be attending regularly from now on. I have sent some photo's which were kind to the subjects in question, obviously earlier in the evening.

Look forward to seeing everyone's photo's. 

Thanks for blowing off the cobwebs and the years, 

Liz & Scott Dunbar

Ian, Jacqui and Richard,

Another successful event, well organised and all attendees handsomely catered for, once again well done Ian & family, all very much appreciated for all the hard work in the organisation of both the function and the site. Nice to meet again some of the younger generation, such as Kwesi, Phil & Fiona, Graham & Joyce, Dave & Anne, Joe & Annie, not forgetting Sue, in fact a very enjoyable evening, even the music was of my period.

Well done again Ian, keep it happening,
J R Seth

From my wife Annie and me of course, we would like to say thank you for a wonderful evening filled with nostalgia. It was a shame that 2 MT failed to show. This was my first time and for me it was successful and enjoyable. I would also like to encourage more MTD's to attend, it was a great night meeting so many old and good friends too many to mention but I will. Tom Wilde, Al Coleman, Dave Smith, Scott Dunbar, Paul Mason, John Seth, Tony Clough. 
Fellow MTD's
These functions don't just happen they are organised by someone, the amount of work that went into organising this was immense. I would like to personally thank you for all your hard work. We need to continue to support this worthwhile event, it needs to get bigger. Ian and Jacqui deserve a vast amount of credit for this wonderful function, they deserve a big cheer from the "Trade" well done and thank you.  

Ian Aitkenhead you were missed my friend!
Plan this event in your diaries and make sure that you attend.
P.S Tom bring Diane.
Thanks again guys
Joe Lambley-Steel


Many thanks for all your hard work putting together the 2005 reunion, I would also like to thank your family for their help. Sorry about 2MT not turning up. Hope to see you all in 2006. 


Arthur Arrowsmith