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'RAFMTD' Reunion 2006

Jacqui and I would like to thank everyone who attended the MT Drivers Reunion on Saturday 20th May

I think all will agree it was another successful evening. Great to see some new faces and, of course, those that continue to support the event.

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Thanks also to Kenny Devoir & Don Berry
for providing the 2MT display


Please feel free to send in any comments
 and pictures for this page.

Just a small note to say I enjoyed myself at this years reunion. I've just seen the new date for next year. Hopefully It'll be another good evening. This is for  ex - Laarbruch  89 / 92 : I got a phone call from my mum Thursday 15th June. She said there was someone there who wanted to speak to me. I hadn't a clue who it was. It turned out to be Kent Johnson ( hooch ). He found my address from old gulf 90 / 91 bluey's. We spoke for about ten minutes on the phone, but i gave him my e-mail address, as he said he would get in touch in a few days. Kent still lives in Edinburgh area. I'll let anyone know when he gets in touch.  


Harvey Small

On behalf of Stu Honeywood, Phil Webb and myself may I pass on our thanks to you Ian and Jacqui for another great reunion, excellent food, entertainment and all round great night. I didn't notice the size of the attendance was down it was still the same quality as the first year and your efforts are greatly appreciated, and anyway the wife tells me size isn't everything.
As regards people leaving early,I suggest those needing taxis into York book a few days in advance as we had no problem getting one for around midnight so we could carry on the party.
An interesting comment from Joe Lambley-Steel that we needed to go to functions if we wanted to get promoted, I wish he'd done our assessments we would have been w/o 's in five years! 
Finally a special thanks to Stu's missus who put us up for the weekend at their home in North Duffield, she made our tea whilst we spent the afternoon in the pub, drove us to the do, was woken up at 03.30 by us blasting out music downstairs and then in the morning did the full English many many thanks Katherine.

Thanks again Ian

Dave Storer

Ian and Jacqui,

Thanks again for putting on a splendid show again this year, and I agree on most the comments that have been posted here, This was the second year that myself and my wife have attended, the first year was superb, seeing so many ex`MT Drivers, missed the second due to 2 MT 65th so it came to some surprise to see that this years turn out to be some what thin on the ground.

I don't see the problem with it being held in York (Good lady likes the long weekend we have) its just the area of choice, Elvington is good if you are going to have a static display, but it seems 2 MT are short on the ground to support this with a vast display. but the biggest problem is Taxi's. They either take you but a reluctant to collect you after midnight, hence the early departures by the younger element. and it puts around 25 on top of the ticket.

Why not try holding this superb function every other year and in York itself, The ticket price might go up but you won't be forking out on the Taxi prices!!! 

Keep up the good work see you next time,

Martin and Jackie Burrows.

Thanks for the feedback Martin, The only comment I would make about holding it within York is that you would be penalising everyone with a higher ticket price to satisfy the one's that want to go into York. Maybe next year a group of those wanting to go on to York could pre-arrange a mini bus. - Ian

Many thanks for another trip down memory lane. I read with interest the comments made with regard to the evening. Having been to all three reunions now I feel able to comment. Year 1. was a magic year being the first one, everyone who knew about the site turned up. Year two as we all know now was a bit thin on the ground owing to Stafford holding there own event at the same time. This year the organisation was as usual its same high standard and one must congratulate Ian and co for their efforts. Yes it would be nice to have a change of venue but realise this would not be practical owing to the location of the only remaining organizer who gives 100% of his efforts to enable us to meet up once a year. If I was to make any criticism at all of the event it would be for a room to be set aside with maybe a small extra bar where people would have a chance to have a good natter without trying to compete against the Music. All in all despite the weather it was a good night. The fact that 3 of my 4 sons came with me this year made it all that more special. To all ex and current MTD's support this once a year Beer Call and become FULL MEMBERS. Take Care, Keep Healthy. See you all next year

Ron Tebb ex mtd 1968-1990


I think the geographical location is perfect some of you are forgetting there's a place called Scotland that some of us travelled from!! 

York is central for everyone and is on the mainline rail link

In reference to comments made about people leaving the event early that's the choice of the individuals everyone made the effort in the first place and its up to them if they stay for 3 or 5 hours 

In some cases individuals may have wanted to carry on the festivities in York itself past the closing time of the function and could only get taxis booked for certain times etc


Alan Wardlaw.

Fellow MTD's

Once more Annie and I made the pilgrimage to York for the Annual MTD Reunion at Elvington to meet old friends.  On arrival we were greeted by Ian and Jacqui and made to feel extremely welcome. I was then summoned to sit down by my old Warrant Officer and good friend John Seth and looked over at Al Grice and said "even after all these years we are still his old Sergeants" and then we both faithfully sat down.  I thought that the numbers were slightly down on last year and some guests left quite early during the evening to go elsewhere for whatever reason.   I have noted the comments made regarding the venue being moved south.  In my opinion that is not an option; the venue is perfect it is steeped in RAF history. The location is central to all and the food and entertainment plus the accommodation is equally as good. 

So why don't more of us attend? Yes I know that we are all busy and that we have other responsibilities?  Have you ever stopped to think that during our RAF career's we have all organised functions and attended some that we really didn't want to go to.  Yes you could argue that we needed to be there as we wanted to get promoted and this like the Sgts Mess Ent's Committee was a worthwhile secondary duty.  But those days have gone and I am proud to be a part of the MTD family for 35 years.  If we looked at the membership of RAF MTD, it must be over five hundred and through this we all try to keep in touch. We love the old pictures, the stories and for me the only down side is, it's where we learn of old mates that have sadly passed away. 

So what does the Concise Oxford Dictionary say about the word "reunion"?

a.                 Reuniting or being reunited.

b.                 Social gathering, or intimates or persons with common interest.

Maybe we should consult the MTD's by e-mail and ask them what they would like?  I think that this function is outstandingly well organised by Ian and Jacqui and they have my personal thanks for taking the lead and organising this family event.  We need to support it.

Ian and Jacqui deserve a vast amount of credit for this wonderful function; they deserve a big cheer from the "Trade" well done and thank you.  So please support it and encourage the serving MTD's to come along and learn about their history.  Make sure that you plan this event in your diaries and even more important, make sure that you attend.
Thanks again Ian and Jacqui.

Joe Lambley-Steel RAF MTD for life

P.S maybe next year Al, I can get John Seth a drink.

........................."it must be over five hundred" it certainly is Joe, would you believe 1,156 at the time of writing (Sadly though, only around 7% are Full Members) - Ian

Hello Ian,

We had a great night on Saturday again. Seen a few new faces and the usual crowd. Location and venue are fine for those of us travelling from Scotland etc.. Thank you again for all the hard work you and your team put into the event, see you all next year,

Scott & Liz Dunbar

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Dear Ian

I was thinking of going to this years get together ,had not been before but looking at the list of people going, only two were in the RAF the same time as me and I did not know them.
And I thought not much fun I don't drink and will not know anybody . through the site I am now in contact with a friend from 1956 and as he lives in York I thought 'why not' after a great natter in the afternoon I went to Elvington.
it was like arriving at a new MT section everybody keen to talk .
I really did enjoy myself I was talking all evening, and even got shown around the 2 MT tanker ,wow when I think of the Hippo with the chassis going one way and the cab going the other. the only bad bit was when I was talking to this guy and he asked "when did you leave the RAF " I said "1969" his reply "that's when I was born" [made me feel old]
So if you are thinking next year 'I won't know anybody' GO because it doesn't matter you will have a great time, see you there 

Cliff Lowe

Hi Ian, thank you for another good re union....the atmosphere was great, and the cake was wonderful.
Angela came for the first time, armed with her U/T MTD Drivers handbook, so she would know what we were talking about. This was hijacked by, of course, several MTDs and caused some memories to stir.
I wonder if you have noticed a drop in numbers, it seemed to me that the numbers were down.
This does not detract from the marvellous job all concerned have made of the event, and venue.
Some of my former colleagues, and friends suggested that a venue South one year may be better. I informed them, that I believed that it had been considered, from a few rumours I heard, but cost and being available to arrange a long distance venue was the problem. I sincerely hope I was not talking out of turn, as I admire the work and planning that goes into this event. I merely mention this to you for your consideration, I personally like having an event such as this on 'my doorstep'.
Thank you once again for an enjoyable evening.

Best regards............Cooky!!!

.................................Thanks Cooky, The numbers are similar to last year, it would be great to get back to the first year's figures, we just need to spread the word a bit more . Without pleading poverty the event only just breaks even so the extra costs of organising it down South would unfortunately making it unworkable - for now anyway - Ian