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RAFMTD' Reunion 2007

Jacqui and I would like to thank everyone who attended the MT Drivers Reunion on Saturday 19th May. I think all will agree it was another successful evening although the numbers attending was down on last year. It was great to see some new faces and, of course, those that continue to support the event.

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A special thanks also to Gary Middleton, Jim Campbell and all the lads from TSW who provided an excellent roadshow, not forgetting Steve Colhoun for bringing the MK


Please feel free to send in any comments and pictures for this page.

Hi again Ian,

Seeing the letters people sent in about the Reunion makes me want to have a little input.
As you know I now live a long way from the old country, but thanks to you I was able to meet with some very old mate's from 1956/7. most of the guys at the Reunion were not around then or very young, but they made us welcome and me and Lofty appreciate that.  Actually I think the Son's of some of the old mates might have been there.

I look forward to the guys putting photo's of that night on your site, and if possible with the names of who are in the photo's.
Thanks again, I understand Lofty will be at next years do, for me the trip from Australia takes time and at my age it's very tiring, slept two nights 11 hours straight when i got back.

Many regards to you and Jacqui for making us feel at home.

Ron aka Tiny Mills in Oz


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Hello Ian,

A special time had to have, met a group of work mates from as far back as 1975 !!! Hope at some point we can all meet up again for another good chin wag and perhaps a dance or two to the 70's, 80's, and 90's disco ??? until then here's a couple of pictures to go on with.

Joy Johnson


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Many thanks for a really good night. I may have been feeling poorly but still had a brill evening. Didn't get wasted this time so can remember it!!!

Mick Reeves

Hi Ian and the Pretty Lady,

Was good to see you both again, two years ago through this web site Tiny Mills got in contact with me from Australia. and he came over for this years DO, so we met again after 50 years, and had a great night at this years reunion, thank you for that and thanks to the TSW people, refuellers have changed a bit since the one's I knew and 'loved' All the best, looking forward to next year's DO.

Cliff Lowe

Hi Ian

Thanks for a great 'do' was my first but will return, here are some photos from the night.


Mick Mansfield


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Thanks again for organising this years Reunion, numbers were down but still a success. I had the pleasure of having Deb Lockwood, Jo Parr and Mark Hicks staying with me for the weekend and we all agreed that the night was spot on. My main highlight was seeing an old friend from 19 yrs ago, (Sgt) Gaz Middleton, still a top dude and glad to see him getting on, also Mitch, Patch and Gentle Giant Chewie, still very funny!!!

P.S.. Chewie, if your gonna send some stories in, be kind 'lol' or I may return the favour!
Thanks again, hope to see you all next time

Lez Wainwright


Just a quick word to thank you and Jacqui for organising yet again the MTD Reunion. It was the first one that I have attended and I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed myself, it was wonderful to meet up with old friends again. If all goes well then I most definitely will be attending next year and hopefully more people will attend.

With reference to the photo's, the one I took of the old lorry is the one that Ian Beedles passed his HGV test in? apparently a few days later Germany invaded Poland...................only joking Ian.

Kind Regards,

Mally Roberts

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