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'RAFMTD' Reunion 2009

Jacqui and I would like to thank everyone who attended the MT Drivers Reunion on Saturday 22nd August. Judging by the banter it looks like everyone enjoyed themselves catching up on past times and chatting with current drivers from 2MT.

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Many familiar faces attended along with others that couldn't make previous Reunions, apologies to the 2MT guys for causing a 'working weekend' but I hope you got chance to enjoy the evening as some recompense. A big thank you once again to Gaz Middleton and his crew, without whom it wouldn't have been possible, I would also like to thank Steve Colhoun for his assistance and support.

Please feel free to send in any comments and pictures for this page.

Hi Ian,

I attended the MT 'do' this year and really enjoyed it. It was great meeting up with old friends after 25 years. I found out a couple of my old mates only live half an hours drive away.

John Claxton

Hi Ian,

Thanks for a great night met some old timers, good mates.

Many Thanks

Jason French


Thanks for a good night, nice to catch up with a few old friends. Hope to make next year.

Ian Matthews


Thanks again for sorting out this years Reunion, it is very much appreciated.

Malcolm Roberts


Thank you for Saturday evening and the excellent night it turned out to be. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and met a good few old friends and made one or two more as well. I look forward to hopefully being able to attend next years Reunion too.

Thanks again for a great evening.

Mickey Rooney

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Hi Ian

Thanks for again putting on a great Reunion.

The 'Old and Bold' of Henlow salute you.

Already looking forward to next years.

Ian Beedles

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Dear Ian.

I just want to say how much I really enjoyed the Reunion organised by you last night. I met up with an old pal and the night went on talking about the RAF and how many times we evaded charges, it was a great night, spent in great company, sometimes emotional and sometimes very happy, I'm on countdown to next year, once again Thank You for all your time and effort.

Kindest regards

Maggie Ashton (Door Slammer)