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'RAFMTD' Reunion 2011

Jacqui and I would like to thank everyone who attended the Reunion on Saturday 30th July, making it another successful evening. We were blessed with some very good weather and another excellent buffet, great to see the 'regulars' there supporting this event as well as the new faces.

A very special thanks to Don Berry, without whom the event wouldn't have taken place, not forgetting, of course, his crew who helped to make the evening a success, manning the bar, distributing the wristbands, Lee's taxi service and of course everyone who helped to set the scene for the night. 

Please feel free to send in any comments and pictures for this page.


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Just like to thank Ian & Don for a good night at Stafford.

Bill Howie

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Ian, Don and crew, Thanks for a good night, really enjoyed it, so did Mrs B.

See you again next year.


Martin Burrows


Thanks for an enjoyable evening, full of banter and laughs, :)

Pete Spink


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Ian & Don, Thanks for a great night (again!)
Next year I'll try and make sure that the Henlow Hooligans aren't the last to leave :-)"

Ian Beedles

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Ian, really enjoyed yesterday, it was good to catch up with people I've not seen for 25 years,
Thanks again.

Phil Beddard


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