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The Gulf

Leslie Wainwright sent these three pictures along with some in the Mugshots section

First one is Searching for Camel Spiders - WHY!!!!! Dhahran '95'
Second is 'Guy Fawkes' night
Third is an Iraqi BMP that's seen better days, Kuwait '91'


gulf3.jpg (201415 bytes)
gulf4.jpg (222088 bytes)
gulf5.jpg (160851 bytes)

Hello Bill & Ian,

I've recently returned from my call-out tour as a RAuxAF reservist on Op Telic. I went out as an RAF Regiment gunner working with the RAF MAOT dets doing casevac helicopters from Basra, although I was a regular MTD for 10 years (after remustering from the RAF Regt in 1985) and left the service in 1995.
I'd just like to say to anyone out there in the Gulf at the moment who knows me, that I had a great time and hope that you'll get in touch if you can........and to Brian Swanson at Ali Al Salem... is it still nice & cushy there or are you running out of ice cold drinks, you lanky Scottish puff !!!!
Cheers for the brilliant site,

Icky Dodd

Just to pass on my regards to all the reservists that I met at Ali Al Salem during my tour down there, it was a pleasure. Best wishes to Kate and Brian and hope to see you soon.  

Take it easy.

Kenny Devoir

Dear Ian and Bill

How's things, all going well back in ole' Blighty I hope.

Just a quick update on the Ali Al Salem situation during recent weeks and currently. 

Having been re-recruited via the recall of reserves system, this is the first time since the Suez crisis that personnel have been 'called up' for active duty apparently. 

The options as to where you would like to serve your recall duty are as per the norm- the dream sheet. A few of us opted for OOA locations, ie, Cyprus and Bahrain for various reasons called BEER. Sadly, this was not so for the majority of our 'lot'.

Still, we all opted to work with guy's who'd rather be located oversea's be it for up to six months than conduct the lame duties of home bases in the UK. If anything, it's been an a jolly boy's outing where we have met many long lost pals, and made many new ones at the same time. 

AAS, is home to the resident UK jet Sqns of the moment, 'doing their thing'. MT OPS, made up of, RAF mtd's, supply sac's and cpl's and many ex MT reservists (who now make up the majority of MT) has a splinter group of ruffians take up tankering duties during these busy times to relieve the Kuwaiti tanker pool who undertake all UK refuels. A rather basic Nomad tent with 2 tables and several chairs is it. Basic but it works. The American's operate the BFI's, they seem ok and pretty helpful. Good to see some old Bison's still on the go, they seem to out lasting the new improved OOA Dennis tankers which have been eating away at PTO gears, shattering bearings and catching fire! Spares for these new one's are hard to get hold of for some reason, but they're hanging on by a thread to operate...

Accom here is good for us, compared to many of the lad's in tents at other locations. You respect the basic options like hot showers, TV, air con, etc, and access to the great food served by the RAF mess. We have visits from the 2MT, Heli support and various other splinter sections passing by, there's always a kettle on, digestive biscuits and 2 week old papers to read if you do decide to pass through. Oh, and do feel free to try out the newly constructed picnic tables, made by the guy's.


N. Platt


Sorry about the delay boy's,

As you know called up on Sunday 23rd Feb, 3 days admin dental and medicals then 3 days NBC & weapons training. I got to Stafford which was good until I got there that is, no work just drinking tea all day which is soul destroying.

Keep you posted if it picks up boys.

Steve Rooney

Hi Bill & Ian

Just got back from the shortest operation in my career. 16 Days sailing in a boat from Marchwood to Kuwait. And 10 min from docking injuring myself, having to go to Kuwait Military hospital then being flown home Medivac within 4 days. Just to say good luck to all the drivers in Kuwait and all arrive back safe.

Martin Burrows

Hi Bill/Ian,

It's a sad day to be British when you observe the disgraceful and thoughtless conduct of those in charge. I am sure the attached cartoon I have rendered will appeal to the sense of humour of all servicemen and women.

Dave Bloomfield

gulf2.jpg (174189 bytes)

Hello Bill and Ian

Just thought I'd send you a pic of all of us hard working MTD's out in Al Kharj at the moment. 
We are all pictured in front of the U2 spy plane.


Keith Fallon

gulf1.jpg (433834 bytes)

Hi Bill & Ian,

I've been called up to report to Cranwell on Sunday 23rd of Feb, one week there before being posted on for 8 Months. 
I was hoping you'd had info from other MTD's & could pass on the info.

On the pay front, the score is for Cpl's & below there is an upper limit of £22,500 & if you need more they review your outgoing & sort it out.

Steve Rooney

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